Reporting Child Safety Concerns

BDNA Child Safety Officer – Trinette Charleson

BDNA is grateful to have engaged Trinette Charleson as our Child Safety Officer. Trinette has been a Police Member within Victoria Police for 25 years. She has worked within the Crime Department, Sexual Offence and Child Abuse Unit, as well as various victim-centric units. Trinette is currently a Senior Sergeant at the Sex Industry Coordination Unit.

If you are at all concerned in regards to a child’s safety, no matter how insignificant you may think it is, please let us know by completing one of the below forms.

Lodge a Informal Report

Please use this form if you think something is not quite right or if something bothered or upset you – if things don’t feel quite as they should.  You are not alone – we can help you work through it.

Lodge a Formal Report

Please use this form if you know something is wrong and you need someone to help you with it.  Formal reports may  be escalated to the police via Netball Victoria

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