Bayside District Netball Association is a thriving Association delivering opportunities to the community in and through netball.   Our change of name from Sandringham & District to Bayside and  District at the end of 2023 has not changed our soul.  At the heart of our district association  has always been a strong community focus and a want for as many people as possible to enjoy the sport we love.

We have faced long term challenges with our current facility and after years of painstaking hard work by countless people, we are pleased to say we are looking forward to moving to our new home in 2024. In light of this move, a Strategic Plan has been developed with a mission statement and core values established.   Key program improvements and expansions have been workshopped through a SWOT process and agreed to by the Board. It is important to our Association that our future direction absolutely reflects our history, our roots and our community soul.

Located within the City Council municipality of Bayside, the Bayside  and District Netball Association (BDNA ) is a not-for-profit, incorporated association run through a combination of volunteer and paid positions. It is bound by a constitution and by-laws that are aligned to Netball Victoria as an affiliated member. 

BDNA is Governed by a Board. Board members are elected from the membership by members at the Annual General Meeting. The Board is responsible for the management of the business and affairs of the Association.


  • Grow participation numbers in netball by providing for the encouragement, promotion, enjoyment and administration of the sport of netball for all throughout the Bayside area. 
  • Provide a clear pathway for umpires, coaches and players in our region 
  • Continue to maintain a strong healthy supportive community based on sport


Our aim is to achieve our mission statement with a focus on our core values of teamwork, inclusivity, empowerment, integrity, innovation and accountability. 

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